Custom Products and Requirements

Apart from the normal product line-up, The Cotton Canvas Company can also attend to special requirements. Please call us to discuss your requirement or contact us here: Contact page.


Options include but are not limited to:


  • Different dimensions of the stretcher (pine frame)

Although there are some standard frame dimensions, you are by no means limited to only the sizes on our price list.We can produce any frame dimension you prefer.

  • Different dimensions of the depth of the stretcher (pine frame)

The normal frame depth are either 20mm or 45mm, sometimes even 70mm. Let us know should you require a different frame depth.

cotton canvas frame depth

  • Box frames (a stretcher with MDF (hardboard) on top)

Should you require a MDF (hardboard) finish, we can easily add it to your frame on request.

Box frame with mdf

  • A Box frame with the MDF (hardboard) with canvas

As with the normal box frame you can request to also stretch canvas over the frame.


  • Different primers

The primer used on the canvas can make a difference especially when it comes to blending. We will gladly discuss your primer requirements.


  • Stretch Paintings
The Cotton Canvas Company can also attend to requirements such as the stretching of paintings.



Should you have any questions please call us or contact us here:  Contact page.